7 Tips From Your Emergency Dentist In Jackson

7 Tips From Your Emergency Dentist In Jackson

When people take right care of their dental hygiene, they are less likely to face any major dental issues. Not every issue comes with alerts, and in cases when you face any dental emergency, you must immediately consult an expert doctor at Capital Dental Clinic for relevant solutions. When you are facing any of the dental emergencies, you must not panic and follow the important tips to face it.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

There may be times when a patient suddenly faces major dental issues. In such cases, the patient needs immediate actions and thus rushes to dentists. This may be in the case of broken tooth, broken crown, severe toothache, injury, a large object between the teeth, etc. A dental emergency requires quick actions before the problem persists. There are tips which can be followed in such situations.

  • Stay Calm – Never panic in any of this situation. Calm down to take the right actions.
  • Call Us – Immediately call an expert dentist at Capital Dental Clinic to schedule an appointment or get the right suggestions for the issue.
  • Rinse with Warm Water – If injury or broken tooth is an issue, wash the area with warm water to avoid further infection.
  • Use Pressure – If bleeding occurs, use a rag to press the area so that bleeding can be stopped.
  • Keep the Tooth Wet – Dry teeth cannot survive for more than 2 hours. To take it to a doctor for further action, keep it in water or in milk.
  • Use a Cold Compress – In case of swelling or pain, use ice.
  • Have Some Else Drive – Immediately ask for friends help so that he can carry you to nearby clinic, if you are in situations of head traumas after the emergency.


Proper brushing and regular check-up can help stay away from any such emergencies. People with past dental issue must keep visiting the dental clinic to avoid such situations. It is important to take care of your teeth while playing sports and while eating any hard thing. Consult an expert at Capital Dental Clinic for better suggestions.

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