Root Canals Treatment

Experiencing chronic tooth sensitivity or pain? Notice one of your teeth appears dull or darkened? You may need root canal therapy! When a tooth becomes severely infected, decayed or damaged, occasionally the tooth root can be affected, causing pain, discomfort and potentially life-threatening side effects.

About Our Root Canal Treatment

During root canal treatment, the entire root canal of the affected tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Once completely cleaned and disinfected, the tooth will then be sealed to prevent additional complications. Following your root canal treatment, a dental crown is recommended to restore the appearance, strength, and protection of the tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

When it comes to treating severely decayed, damaged or infected tooth roots, our root canal therapy  has quite a few benefits, including:

  • Root canal treatment can eliminate the discomfort and pain.
  • Root canals prevent future complications such as additional infection, decay or damage.
  • Root canal therapy is virtually pain-free.
  • Root canal treatment can be more affordable than an extraction and tooth replacement.
  • Root canals are quicker to perform and typically require fewer follow-up appointments.

Schedule Your Root Canal Today

Think that you may have an infected, decayed or damaged tooth root? Schedule your consultation for a root canal today with Capital Dental. We’d be happy to evaluate your affected tooth to determine if it is the best treatment option.

We do not limit our dental service to one location; our dentists will be more than happy to assist you for your concerns. Schedule your appointment for root canal treatment with us today if you are in any of these areas.

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