Debunking Common Root Canal Treatment Myths

Debunking Common Root Canal Treatment Myths

Have you been told the root of your tooth is severely decayed, infected or damaged and that you may require root canal treatment? Terrified due to all the crazy stories you’ve heard about root canals? At Capital Dental Clinic, we understand how scary dentistry can be and believe that patient education can help to address common myths. We hope you learn something new!

Root canal treatment is painful. Wrong! Neglecting to treat an infected, decayed or damaged tooth root can be though. Due to advancements in dentistry and medicine, patients are completely numbed prior to their root canal treatment, making the entire process completely pain free.

Following root canal treatment, swelling and discomfort can be expected. However, within a few days, patients report feeling much better than before.

Root canal procedure requires several visits to the dental clinic. Although root canal treatment in Jackson, MS, 39216 can often require two appointments (one for your root canal treatment, another to receive a dental crown), a tooth extraction tends to require much more professional care, is more invasive and can be much more costly overall.

A root canal “kills” the tooth. Another extremely common myth is that root canal treatment is done simply to save the tooth AND remove any infection, bacteria, and plaque within the tooth. Once finished the affected tooth is protected to prevent additional future damage.

Root canal procedure is not very successful. Completely wrong. Root canals are actually extremely successful in most cases and can be an excellent choice over losing a natural tooth. With proper care and routine professional visits, root canal-treated teeth can often last a lifetime.

Root canal treatment causes illness. This myth was sadly created due to poorly done research that has since been debunked. Root canal treatment is done to remove infection, bacteria, and plaque not cause further complications.

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