How to Know When a Partial Denture is the Right Solution

How to Know When a Partial Denture is the Right Solution

Don’t let the thought of dentures conjure up images of your grandmother and her teeth in a jar. Getting dentures doesn’t really mean giving up a mouthful of teeth. Not everyone needs a full set of new teeth. However, whether due to injury or extraction, adult teeth can be lost. A missing tooth or a few missing teeth can not only make people feel self- conscious but also cause problems with eating and drinking.

Over time, remaining teeth may shift to fill the open space, gums may recede, and your jawline may shrink to accommodate the shifting teeth inside your mouth. All of this could affect your appearance and self- confidence. If only a few teeth need replacing, partial dentures may be a good option for dental treatment. If your jaw is healthy enough and there’s no infection in the area with missing teeth, partial dentures in Jackson, MS, 39216 can also help maintain oral health as they will help prevent any teeth shifting or jawbone movement. Partial dentures will fit right into the space where the missing teeth were, helping to keep your facial structure- including your gums and jawbone in place.

Eating and drinking with partial dentures may be awkward at first, but over time it will feel much like you have your original set of teeth back in place and you’ll barely notice the dentures. Partial dentures can also be molded and colored to look very much like your other teeth, so they aren’t noticeable to anyone else. Partial dentures are also easily cared for, requiring proper, regular cleaning, much in the same way you treat the rest of your teeth.

Why Could Partial Dentures Be Right For You?

With partial dentures, you’ll have a complete set of teeth and your widest smile can return. Partial dentures in Jackson, MS, 39216 can be a great solution for maintaining the smile on your face that you and everyone else loves.

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