How to Prepare for Your Dental Cleaning or Exam

How to Prepare for Your Dental Cleaning or Exam

Are you considering scheduling your next dental cleaning in Jackson, MS? This might be your first exam, or it might be the first one in a long time. You might be nervous about preparing for it and wondering how you should prepare for the appointment and wondering exactly what you can expect when you opt for dental cleaning & exam in Jackson, MS.

Preparing for your next cleaning or dental exam in Jackson, MS does not have to be something that’s time-consuming or worrisome. It’s actually very simple. You should consider any changes you’ve made in your health since your last appointment with the dentist. Ask yourself a few questions. Is there a new medication that you’re taking? Are you being treated for anything new? This is important information for your dentist because your general health will affect your oral health and your oral health can affect your general health as well. So, to keep up with the best dental care you can get, make sure you’re telling us of any changes that might have occurred.

Ask Questions!

You should start by writing down any questions that you might have thought of to ask your dentist. After all, you might not remember them all at the time of your appointment. If you write them down in advance, we can make sure to address all of them and make sure you’re staying informed of everything you need to know.

Brush and floss your teeth before your appointment. You can take off the surface debris and allow the dentist to better see your teeth which allows for an easier and more accurate diagnosis. If you forgot your toothbrush, it’s not that big of a deal. We can give you one to use so you can brush your teeth before the appointment begins.

Be Open

Make sure to bring your current list of any medications you’re taking to the dental appointment as well as bringing any concerns you might have. This includes anything related to the health or to the appearance of your smile. If you’ve noticed bleeding gums or any swelling, you should let us know. We’ll need to address this immediately.

If you’re a new patient, it’s important to let us know how long it’s been since you’ve last seen a dentist. We need to be able to schedule the right amount of time for you, after all.

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