Need a Root Canal? Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on What to Expect.

Need a Root Canal? Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on What to Expect.

A root canal treatment assures that a severely decayed tooth is fixed. People fear the treatment without knowing anything about it. A brief guide of the root canal would bring you at ease before the treatment.

    • Preparing your mouth and tooth: Every patient feels that root canal treatment is devastatingly painful. Well, in reality, dentists use anaesthesia to numb the surrounding areas of the infected tooth. The affected tooth is then isolated from others using vinyl (or rubber). Once that is done, the pulp and the root canals are accessed by making a hole in the tooth.

This stage requires special attention as one mistake might leave you in discomfort forever. But dental care centres such as the Capital Dental Clinic can be trusted with executing the treatment well.

  • Cleaning, shaping and filling the tooth: After reaching the root canals, your dentist will aim at cleaning the rotten tissues of your tooth. Some form of antiseptic formulation is used to sterilize the decaying part. The hollow root canal is filled with a material called gutta-percha. This ensures that your tooth regains its original structure.
  • Sealing the tooth from re-infection: The filling of the tooth at the second stage is only the first step to fix your tooth. Your dentist will use another layer of filling material to cover any hole left. And then mount a crown on the top of the tooth. Mounting a crown would make sure that the tooth remains protected from any infection in the future.

After the whole procedure ends, you might face some difficulties for a few days. But these can be easily managed if the dentist’s advice is adhered to. Do not forget to regularly visit your dentist too.

Considering the importance of root canal treatment, spend some time locating the best dentist in town. Capital Dental Clinic is one such suitable dental care centre. It has qualified dentists who perform the root canal treatment with the utmost care and caution. It can be easily accessed by patients residing in the towns of Flowood, Brandon and Pearl of Mississipi.

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